Pedicure Nail Treatment

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Pedicure Nail Treatment at NC Beauty Bury, Bolton

Basic Pedicure - Helps maintain well groomed nails, soft skin and improves the whole appearance of the feet. Includes sanitising the feet, file and shape, cuticle work and base coat

File and Polish - This "Quick Fix" treatment includes filing toe nails to shape, application of base coat, enamel colour of your choice and top coat.

Full Pedicure - Helps to maintain nourished nails, supple skin improving the appearance of the feet. Including foot and nail analysis, sanitisation of the foot, toe nail shape, all cuticle work, feet and part leg massage including enamelling.

Paraffin Wax Treatment - The luxury of a paraffin wax treatment is surrounded by superb softening properties, helps to eliminate waste products from the skin, helping to ease aches and pains while increasing circulation beneficial for arthritic problems. The feet are covered in paraffin wax and wrapped to keep in heat and moisture.

Luxury Pedicure - This pure indulgence is a "facial on the feet" the feet are a part of the body that are taken for granted.
The luxury pedicure deeply conditions and moisturises the feet, includes soak, file, cuticle treatment, exfoliation mask, electric booties, part leg and feet massage, basecoat enamel colour of your choice and topcoat.

This treatment includes the basic pedicure procedure finished off with a French pink and white polish.

Basic Pedicure £8.70
File and Polish Pedicure £6.70
Full Pedicure £13.85
Luxury Pedicure £28.20
French Pedicure £9.75
Crystal Ice Toes £65.00
Gel Polish £15.00

To book a Pedicure nail treatment at NC Beauty Salon, Bury, Bolton please call me, Nicola NCB on 07971 684487 or complete the form on the right and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.