Hopi Ear Candle Treatment

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Hopi Ear Candle at NC Beauty Salon Bury, Bolton

This is an ancient natural therapy handed down by many civilisations believed to have started with the ancient Greeks and more recently The Native American Hopi Indians of North Arizona, (Hopi means peaceful people). Ear candles have a purely physical function, a light suction action (chimney effect) and the movement of flame create a vibration of air in the ear candle, generating a massage like effect on the ear drum. It is soothing for earache, headache, ear noise, stress and nervousness. Giving free nasal breathing, can bring a wonderful relaxation and a deep sense of security with a great feeling of happiness.

Ear candling purifies, opens up spiritual centers, and helps release blockages.

Price £25.00

To book a Hopi Ear Candle treatment at NC Beauty Salon, Bury, Bolton please call me, Nicola NCB on 07971 684487 or complete the form on the right and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.