Eye Treatments

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Eye Treatments Lashes and Brows at NC Beauty Salon Bury, Bolton

Eyelash Tint - Eyelash tinting enhances appearance to eyes naturally without having to apply mascara, simplifying beauty routines. Great for activities such as swimming and ideal for holidays.

Eyebrow Tint - Eyebrow tinting is ideal for clients with fair eyebrows, it helps to enhance the eyes, giving a more defined eyebrow. Ideal for holidays.

Eyebrow shape - Eyebrow shaping is a great way to shape the eye area, enhancing and defining the eye brow area.

Eyelash Perm - Eyelash perming enhances the lash by curling the lashes up towards the brow, making the eyelashes look naturally long, giving a more open eyed look.

Individual Lashes - Enhances eye shape, length and thickness, creating a smoky eye effect for that special occasion.

Eyelash Extensions - Eyelash extension is a semi - permanent lash extension giving natural looking, longer and thicker lashes without the false lash look, eliminating the use of mascara. The extensions are directly applied to individual lashes, they will fall out as the natural lash falls out. Maintenance required every 2 weeks.

Eyelash Tint £7.80
Eyebrow Tint (patch test required) £5.65
Lash and Brow tint £10.80
Eyebrow Tidy £4.10
Lash Lift (patch test required) £34.60
Individual Lashes £14.90
Eyelash Extensions Start £45.00
Brow Extensions £45.00

To book an eye treatment at NC Beauty Salon, Bury, Bolton please call me, Nicola NCB on 07971 684487 or complete the form on the right and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.